White Cap Road Still A Problem

Problems continue with a curve on White Cap Road in Casino Beach.

This summer, Dale Wordekemper told the Board of Supervisors the northwest curve of the road falls out of the right-of-way, encroaching on his property. He asked the board to have the road centered in the county’s right-of-way, although he said there will still be a problem with motorists cutting across the corner of the curve.

The Supervisors had the road moved farther to the west and required a row of large bushes planted on county right of way removed. The work was don in connection with seal-coating the road, which was recently finished.

Supervisor Don Altena this week said motorists are still cutting the corner to closely, knocking out some warning posts the county installed. He said the road at that point is quite narrow and he doesn’t know if two vehicles could pass. He told county engineer Bret Wilkinson the residents would like a stop sign installed at the curve.

Wilkinson said he plans to determine where a stop sign can be located.