October Weather Stats

Iowa’s weather in October will be remembered for being extremely wet.

State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says the statewide average rainfall for the month was 5.34 inches. “We ended up having the fourth wettest October in 145 years of Iowa weather records with precipitation averaging just about exactly twice what’s normal for this time of the year,” Hillaker said.

The bulk of the rain fell over the first half of the month, which delayed the harvest of corn and soybeans for most Iowa farmers.”The last time we had a wetter October was back in 2009, which was the last time the harvest progress was further behind than what it is right now,” Hillaker said.

Every corner of the state received above normal rainfall in October. Storm Lake had 4.41 inches of rain last month, average for October is just under four inches.

The statewide average temperature for October was 54 degrees, about three degrees above normal. It was unusually warm over the first two-thirds of the month and there were 11 days where at least one location in the state reached at least 80 degrees.

Storm Lake’s highest reading was 75 on the 3rd… with the lowest, 18, on the 31st.