BV County Bills Pipeline For Road Damages

The contractor for the Dakota Access Pipeline is being billed 111-thousand dollars for Buena Vista County road damages.

County engineer Bret Wilkinson says the contractor has agreed to the bill, which covers damages caused by the installation of the pipeline. He says it includes a lot of gravel hauled by the county and patches on asphalt roads. Wilkinson says they are also being charged for weed management and reseeding at many of the road crossings, with that work to be completed next spring.

Wilkinson told the Board of Supervisors this week, the physical work for all of the secondary road projects this season has now been completed. He says county crews have caught up on driveway work and are cutting brush and blading gravel roads. Work continues to getting ready for winter… hauling the salt-sand mixtures to fill sheds around the county. Wilkinson says they have inspected all snow equipment, with most of it mounted and ready for the first snow fall.