Bus Planned From SL To VT Plant In Holstein

A bus will soon be taking Storm Lake residents to their jobs in Holstein, thanks to a Community Development Block Grant.

Buena Vista County Supervisor Dale Arends says the grant has allowed the purchase of a bus, which will be operated by RIDES. It will leave the Storm Lake Wal-Mart parking lot each afternoon at three o’clock… taking 30 employees to V-T Industries in Holstein, then return them to Storm Lake after their shift.

Arends says RIDES was first interested in developing such a service several years ago, but wasn’t able to find an employer interested until recently, when V-T Industries agreed. The grant covers half the cost… with V-T providing one-quarter of the funding, and one-quarter paid by the employees, who have already signed up for the bus service.

Arends says there are only two or three similar services being offered across the state… and hopefully this bus service to V-T Industries will work out and it can be expanded to other employers.