Weekly Crop Report

Corn harvest is still well off normal… but the USDA says the tail end of this year’s U.S. soybean harvest is holding close to average.

Conditions for most of last week were good for harvest activity in many key U.S. growing areas, which also allowed corn to catch up, at least somewhat. As of Sunday, 83-percent of U.S. beans are harvested, compared to the five year average of 84-percent… and 54-percent of corn is harvested, up 16-percent on the week, but still well behind the usual pace of 72-percent.

In Iowa, nearly a quarter of the corn for grain crop has been harvested this past week reaching 44 percent complete, but it still remains nearly two weeks behind the five-year average… in northwest Iowa, 43-percent had been harvest as of Sunday. Moisture content of corn being harvested for grain averaged 19 percent.

Iowa’s soybean harvest was 83-percent complete as of Sunday, with northwest Iowa leading the state at 96-percent.

Last week, there were 5.7 days suitable for field work in northwest Iowa. Topsoil moisture is rated one-percent short… 93-percent adequate… and six-percent surplus.