SLSM Spy School

Storm Lake St. Mary’s High School this week will be presenting the comedy “Spy School”

(A classroom scene with Sakura Cullen playing the role of teacher with students Zach Brown, Halie Hartman, Vivian Keenan, Grace Murray, Cole Keenan, Gabe Elsden)

The show will focus on an ordinary teenager, who is drafted to become a super-secret agent and infiltrate a high school. The play also has an anti-bullying message for the audience.
Performances will be Thursday, November 2nd and Saturday, November 4th at 7pm in the St. Mary’s Auditorium at 304 Seneca Street. Tickets are three dollars for students, and five-dollars for adults and is open to the public.


(Gracie Murray plays the spy opposite a nerdy Gabe Elsden, who agonizes over asking her out on a date)


(Gracie Murray (right) with school “mean girls” Halie Hartman, Stacie Hewett, and Alexis Huddleston Monroy)

(credit : Dawn Prosser)