Iowa Crop and Progress Report

Both corn and soybeans in the state are rated 64-percent good-to-excellent, according to the latest Iowa crop and progress report.

Nearly all of the corn had reached maturity or beyond, three days behind average. Twenty-three percent of the corn for grain crop has been harvested, remaining the smallest percentage harvested by this date since 2009, and over two weeks behind average.

Nearly a third of the soybean crop was harvested this past week, increasing to 61 percent harvested, but this is also the smallest percentage harvested by this date since 2009.

In northwest Iowa, 98-percent of corn is mature, and 19-percent is harvested for grain. 75-percent of the soybeans in the area have been harvested. Topsoil moisture in northwest Iowa is zero-percent very short, three-percent short, 86-percent adequate, and 11-percent surplus. There were five-point-six days suitable for fieldwork last week.