Weekly Crop Report

Wet conditions last week pushed Iowa’s harvest further behind.

As of Sunday, just 13 percent of the state’s corn had been harvested. That’s the smallest mid-October harvest percentage since 2009 and over two weeks behind average. Northwest Iowa is behind the rest of the state, with only seven percent of the corn crop harvested as of Sunday.

Thirty-two percent of the soybean crop was harvested, the lowest percentage for mid-October since 1985. The only part of the state over 50 percent on harvest was east-central Iowa. Twenty-five percent of the bean harvest was completed in northwest Iowa.

This week’s weather forecast is more encouraging. Iowa deputy secretary of agriculture Mike Naig says it looks like the weather could be more agreeable this week. He expects harvest to move very quickly if there are a run of dry days.

Topsoil moisture in northwest Iowa is two-percent short… 75-percent adequate… and 23-percent surplus. Last week, there were only 2.2 days suitable for fieldwork.