Loring Hospital Scam Phone Calls

Loring Hospital in Sac City has received word that some individuals have been getting calls that show up on caller ID as “Loring Hospital” with the caller attempting to sell medical equipment.

Loring Hospital is not making these calls, according to Loring public relations director Nancy Houska… who says they do not sell medical equipment or ever ask for any credit card information to include bill payment.  The caller is using a technique known as “Caller ID spoofing” where the phone number indicates to the receiver that the call originated locally, but in fact could be coming from anywhere in the world.  

Houska says when Loring Hospital does call a patient, they will clearly identify themselves and the reason for calling, which does not include selling any equipment or requesting financial information over the phone. If you receive a call soliciting any items for sale or credit card information which appears to be from Loring Hospital,you should hang up to avoid any potential fraud. Houska says the incident has been reported to local law enforcement.