Tornado Girls Swim Team Results From 8-29-17

SIOUX CITY-The Storm Lake HS Girls swim team competed in Sioux City Metro’s Pentathlon on Tuesday night. Comments from coach Jodi Mongan…”This is a casual, five event meet that serves as a laid back introduction to high school swimming. Swimmers can compete in all five events if they want and one member of the Storm Lake team did just that. She was also the top finisher for the team in the meet. Grace Meier(Sr) placed first in the 50 yd breaststroke event with a time of :33.84, she was 4th in the 50 yd backstroke and 100 yd Individual Medley(I.M.) events, 5th in the 50 yd butterfly and 10th in the 50 yd freestyle. Another senior swimmer, Kylie Mongan, was the next highest finisher. She was 5th in the backstroke, 7th in the I.M. and 9th in the 50 freestyle. Sami Lalone(Jr) placed 6th in the breaststroke. Junior Alli Graff also had a great meet, placing 7th in backstroke, 9th in breaststroke and the I.M. and 13th in the freestyle. Chloe Lalone(Jr) was the next highest finisher, placing 12th in the breaststroke event. Megan Brown(Jr) also had a good meet where she finished 14th in the butterfly and 16th in the freestyle. Sophomore Kennedy Tate placed 16th in the backstroke and Freshman Ellie Scully was 16th in the breaststroke. There were approximately 80 swimmers competing in this meet. It was a fun meet with some good times and races and a great chance to get away from practicing for a night and do a little competing against someone other than just teammates after 3 weeks of practicing”.

The team will practice for another two weeks before competing again at the Fort Dodge Invitational meet on Sept 16.