Tyson Settles Lawsuit With SL Pork Workers

Tyson Foods has settled a class-action lawsuit filed ten years ago by Storm Lake workers… who were awarded five-point-eight million dollars.

In the settlement, Tyson and the workers agreed a third-party administrator will disburse the payments to the more than 39-hundred current and former workers at the Storm Lake pork plant.

Tyson was sued by a group of Storm Lake plant employees in 2007… claiming they were owed back pay for time spent before and after their shifts, putting on and taking off protective clothes and equipment.

A jury in Sioux City federal court awarded them five-point-eight million dollars in overtime pay and damages. The decision was appealed by Tyson, and was upheld in 2014 by the U.S. Court of Appeals. Tyson then appealed to the Supreme Court, which in March of last year rejected Tyson’s appeal.

In June of last year, Tyson asked for a new trial. The court ruled workers not entitled to damages would not receive a portion of the award. In rejecting Tyson’s request, District Court Judge John Jarvey noted the company failed to keep records as required by law.

Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson says the average payout to each worker would be 17-hundred dollars. It’s not known when payments will be distributed.