Bosler Receives Probation For Lottery Theft Charge

A Sioux Rapids woman… charged in July in connection with the theft of a lottery ticket… was sentenced this week in Buena Vista County District Court.

Twenty-one year-old Ashley Bosler pleaded guilty in December to one count of theft of a lottery ticket or share. She received a deferred judgment… and was placed on probation for two years. Bosler was ordered to submit a DNA sample, and to pay one-thousand-99 dollars in court costs and surcharges.

Bosler and her boyfiriend… 26-year-old Johnny Long, Junior, of Sioux Rapids… were both charged after Long attempted to claim a 250-thousand dollar lottery prize from the Storm Lake lottery office last June. Lottery officials say the ticket was suspicious… and an investigation determined Bosler… who worked at the Sioux Rapids Casey’s… scratched off a corner of the ticket, then confirmed it was a winner by scanning the bar code. She was too young to purchase the ticket, so Long was asked to claim the prize. Bosler’s mother… 42-year-old Sally Bosler… was initially charged in the case, but those charges were dismissed in October.

Long pleaded guilty in November to the same charge. In December, he was given a deferred judgment… placed on probation for two years… ordered to pay 974-dollars in court costs and a civil surcharge… and submit a DNA sample.