What’s On Your Playlist?

I am old-school kind of guy and I am alright with that fact. I take some pride in it to be honest. In this age of digital downloading of music to personal devices and telephones, I prefer to listen to music by other means. My personal collection of music is stored in the forms of CDs, vinyl and cassettes. I would guess somewhere in a box down in the basement I could find a few 8 Track tapes if I searched for a few minutes.  But CDs are my preferred listening medium and my five disc player is constantly full. Some of the albums have been in for awhile because I just love the album, plain and simple.  Some of the albums have been in only a few months but are getting played more, depending on my mood.

So what is in my CD player? I’m glad you asked and here is the list in no particular order of importance…….


Not only does TC3 put on an entertaining and energetic live show, their major league debut album is absolutely the best album of any genre in 2016.  There is not a moment on the album where you want to skip ahead to the next song. Each and every song on the album could probably be on country radio.  The hooks, the stories, the big sing-along choruses and the catchy melodies combine into a southern gumbo that is part country, part rebel, part grunge and a whole lot of fun. Get this album now, no matter your favorite genre.


For me, this Beatles album is where the band evolved from teeny bop boy band to serious artists.  It is the album where the Beatles went from “I wanna hold your hand” to “Doesn’t have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to, Isn’t he a bit like you & me”.  Again, this is an album that doesn’t have a bad song on it and I never am bored listening to it. It’s been awhile since I have removed this disc from the player.


Elle King is a matter of taste. Now I could crack a joke and say if you don’t like her, you need to get some taste. But I have dug this album since the day I heard it back in January of 2015.  Her voice literally gives me goose bumps at moments the way the sound of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar does.  Best know for alt-pop song “Exes & Ohs”, Elle has a voice that can pull of any genre. Her duet with Dierks Bentley, “It’s Different for Girls”, is up for a Grammy and was one of the most popular country songs of 2016.  She has a prominent role in the new single from Alex da Kid, but the music on “Love Stuff” is more in a country/blues vein. Songs like “I Told You I was Mean” and “America’s Sweetheart” would sound right at home next to modern country.


Nirvana is the one band or artist that is ALWAYS in my CD player.  It doesn’t matter which album, because I am of the opinion there is no bad Nirvana album or song. But “Nevermind” has been in for a few months. Once again it’s the catchy melodies, sing alongs and the lyrics that keep me coming back. This album contains my all-time favorite Nirvana song “Drain You.” I can only wonder what kind of music or art Kurt Cobain would be making today.


This is an album that took me by surprise last summer.  I was handed this CD for review at the station and dug it immediately. Of course, Frankie’s single “It All Started With a Beer” was a pretty big hit last spring and summer so I was familiar with his work but the “El Rio” album really was a step forward. From the opening kick of “El Camino” to the Bob Seger cover “You’ll Accomp’ny Me”, Frankie’s smooth voice is the star of the show. Unfortunately Frankie is very under-rated as far as it comes to radio play.  His single “Cigarette” lost traction after just a few weeks on radio and the new single is the Seger cover, but there are a couple of songs that could be successful singles.

As you can see, I have some diverse tastes when it comes to my personal playlist. If there is something you think I should take a listen to, shoot me an e-mail at: jeff@stormlakeradio.com