Early Childhood Facilities Meeting

The Storm Lake Schools early childhood facilities committee resumed meeting Thursday evening… discussing solutions to overcrowding at East, the elementary, and the middle schools.

Superintendent Carl Turner noted the committee previously held five meetings, and developed some conclusions about a year ago that were presented to the school board. Turner said the goals of the committee remain to improve the facilities offered to young learners and develop strategies for the spacing issues at the three buildings.

Turner said East is now completely full… and the elementary and middle schools weren’t built for the numbers they are now handling. He said adding on to the elementary would cause problems with the lunchroom and add to the traffic congestion… and the middle school would have the some problems if an additional was made there.

Turner said a new facility for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade would remove two grades from the elementary… and moving fifth grade to the elementary would free space at the middle school.

The committee discussed possible locations of a new early childcare building… saying there probably isn’t enough room at East, which also has problems with heavy traffic. Turner noted there would be some benefits having a new school near the elementary and middle schools, although purchasing land would add to the cost of the project.