Dance Dad To The Rescue

Over the weekend Deborah’s School of Dance held their recitals at Washington High School in Cherokee. 

My daughter Jenna’s dance class took place every Wednesday at 5pm and since my wife worked until 5…I found myself in the role of “Dance Dad” and it wasn’t always very pretty. Many times Jenna and I would start the prep process for dance class and I wouldn’t be able to find her dance bag with her leotard and shoes. So, I would find myself running around the house like a crazed maniac panicking that we wouldn’t make it to class on time. All dancers are supposed to report to class on time…leotard, tights and shoes on with their hair pulled back. I can honestly say I might have managed to remember to have her hair pulled back only twice all year.

Let’s rewind to Saturday. Saturday was recital day and my wife had to work so it was my responsibility to take Jenna to rehearsal in Cherokee. This time I was ready…so I thought. We had the costume and shoes ready to go and halfway to Cherokee I realized that I had forgotten to pull her hair back into a pony tail. Hear I am panicking again thinking that my daughter would be the only one not following the rules at rehearsal. I searched the car for a hair tie…nothing. I searched her dance bag for a hair tie…nothing. I’m sure one of the fully prepared moms could have helped in my time of need. However, I didn’t want my ego to take a hit by having to ask for help. Now what?


I look into her bag and my solution stared back at me…her shoelace! I pulled the lace free from her shoe and proceeded to use it to put her hair in a pony tail. Did it look great…heck no! Did I tell everyone I saw that day about how resourceful and awesome of a Dance Dad that I am…you’re damn right I did!