Lake Improvement Audit

An audit was released this week on the Lake Improvement Commission of Storm Lake by Hunzelman, Putzier and Company PLC.
According to the audit, the Commission had total receipts of over 330-thousand dollars for the year ended June 30th, 2015, a 61-percent decrease from 2014. The receipts included over 237-thousand in state grants…over 73-thousand in local government and other contributions…and over 13-thousand in rent, and over 63-hundred in interest on investments.
Disbursements for the year totaled 507-thousand-660, a 67-percent decrease from the prior year…and included over 141-thousand for operations and repairs…over 259-thousand in contractual services…over 41-thousand in insurance…and over 65-thousand in supplies.
A copy of the audit report is available for review in the Storm Lake City’s Clerk’s office, the Office of Auditor of State, and on the State Auditor’s website.