Lee Sentencing Set For October 16

The sentencing date for Tony Lee of Storm Lake… found guilty last month of forcing his wife to terminate pregnancies… has been set.

The 55-year-old Lee was found guilty of two counts of forced consent to termination of human pregnancy… two counts of assault… one count of going armed with intent… and one count of tampering with a witness or juror. The jury did not find Lee guilty of two other pregnancy termination counts and one count of second-degree sexual abuse.

The most serious charge… forced consent to termination of a human pregnancy… is a class “C” felony… with a maximum prison sentence of ten years and a maximum fine of ten-thousand dollars. Lee’s sentencing is set for Friday, October 16th, in Buena Vista County District Court. Wednesday attorney James Schall filed a motion for a new trial.

Lee was arrested by Storm Lake police in October of last year… alleging Lee forced his wife to take pills, resulting in the termination of two pregnancies in the previous two years. He’s also accused of sexually assaulting her and threatening her with a machete.