Dredge Contract Approved

A contract has been approved by the Lake Improvement Commission for a private contractor to take over dredging of Storm Lake.

The commission Monday afternoon approved the contract with Dredge America of Kansas City. City manager Jim Patrick says the company will begin operating the dredge on August 30th and finish the current season… then continue operating the dredge in subsequent years.

Dredge America will be paid a dollar-50 per cubic yard dredged. The contract states the contractor shall dredge about two-and-a-half million cubic yards with a minimum production level of 500-thousand cubic yards per year and average dredge cut of four-feet over 387 acres. Public works director Jason Etnyre says they will probably be about to dredge 200 to 300-thousand cubic yards this year.

Etnyre told the commission because the booster pump isn’t operating, they will need to move the dredge to the east and operate without the booster pump. He notes they will be dredging closer to the shore than previously.

Patrick says any changes in the contract with Dredge America will be handled by change orders. He says the company is still interested in the purchase of the dredge equipment. Dredge America will be responsible for hiring the dredge crew, and the contract calls for the company to make a good faith effort to hire local people to staff the project.