Sioux Central Business Leadership Speakers

The Sioux Central Business Leadership Series has had a variety of speakers share their knowledge with various business classes in the past several weeks.

They include Bryan Baumhover, Grocery Department Manager of Fareway in Storm Lake, Nick Brown, Attorney at Law from Storm Lake and Pat Reno, President of Ranco, Inc in Sioux Rapids.

Bryan Baumhover spoke to the Human Relations students. He shared his journey from high school to his current position of Grocery Department Manager at Fareway in Storm Lake. He emphasized the importance of the work ethic needed to succeed in every job and how networking with all types of people will create opportunities in the future. Baumhover told the story of how his father naturally did the right thing in a certain situation and because of that, years later gained additional land to farm because the owner wanted an ethical person.

Nick Brown, Attorney at Law from Storm Lake, visited with the Business Law students. He discussed contract law, civil and criminal law as well as wills and trusts. The students were interested to hear how important email, texts and social media are in today’s world. Brown answered many students questions in regards to what is authorized search, contracts and underaged individuals, and where does money and property go if someone doesn’t have a will.

Pat Reno, President of Ranco, Inc in Sioux Rapids spoke to the students about job expectations. She explained business etiquette in regards to clothing, how to handle oneself at an interview, and the importance of timeliness in the workplace. Leadership, teamwork and professionalism are all qualities that are important in the workplace regardless of the job that one does. Students had a question and answer period following the presentation where Reno answered additional questions in regards to job advancement, how late is late, how to handle office politics and other workplace questions.

The Business Lecture Series was established in 2013 at Sioux Central to bring the knowledge of national, state and local business people to the students of Sioux Central. In the last two years, 16 leaders have shared their personal and business experiences and have brought authentic life lessons to the students.
(credit : Donna Sennert)