DNR Penalty Assessed To Storm Lake

The city of Storm Lake has been assessed seven-thousand dollars by the Department of Natural Resources for violations incurred during the construction of a sanitary sewer project along highway 110 and the west side of the lake in 2013.

According to the DNR, the violations occurred from February to June of 2013. The DNR alleges the city failed to implement the required Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan prior to construction… and failed to properly manage storm water from the project. The DNR states due to the proximity of the project to the lake, the city had an increased obligation to be aware of and comply with all permit requirements.

The administrative order from the DNR states “the city, through the Lake Improvement Commission, and the DNR are engaged in a major lake restoration project to remove sediment from Storm Lake. Discharge of sediment to the lake through inadequate storm water management had a direct, negative effect on those efforts.”

Most of the problems encountered in the project involved inadequate erosion control measures. The contractor on the project was J-and-K Contracting of Ames. In October, the DNR assessed J-and-K a 75-hundred dollar penalty for the same violations.