BV Supervisors: Pipeline Inspections

The Buena Vista Supervisors met Tuesday morning with representatives of the I-and-S Group about the proposed Dakota Access pipeline.

I-and-S engineer Brian Blomme said the firm can offer inspection services to the county during construction of the pipeline… which will cross Buena Vista and 17 other counties. He said the county will be reimbursed by the pipeline company for the costs of the inspections… with the inspectors working for the county.

I-and-S civil engineer Evan Del Val said the Iowa Utilities Board will likely approve the pipeline in the fourth quarter of this year… with construction beginning in March of next year. He said they’ve already started locating drainage district tile lines… and the inspections will include both district tiles and private tile lines. He said one benefit to farmers will be the exact location of all tiles along the pipeline route.

Del Val said I-and-S already has experience with pipeline, mainly in Minnesota and Wisconsin… and they feel it would be best for Iowa to have one firm handle all the inspections in the state. He noted I-and-S already has letters of intent from Story and Boone Counties.

Buena Vista County engineer Jon Ites said county engineers have been meeting about the pipeline plans… and would like to develop common utility permits and maintenance agreements.