1/23/15 SL School Bus Problems

One Storm Lake school bus involved in an accident last week can be repaired, but the other could be totaled.

Superintendent Carl Turner told the school board this week the bus that was hit has 17 to 18-thousand dollars in damage… and it could be returned to the district in March after repairs are completed. The second bus… which hit the rear of the first one… may have damage to the engine. Turner says the damage could be 30 to 40-thousand dollars, and the bus could be totaled. He said the damages are covered by insurance.

Turner says with the two buses out of service, they can still cover all the bus routes… but will have to lease a bus for the spring sports season. He says if the second bus is totaled, the district will need to buy a new bus before the start of school in the fall.

This week, the board did approve the purchase of an 84-passenger bus at a cost of 97-thousand dollars, replacing a 1994 bus with 188-thousand miles.