1/23/15 School Board Naming Policy

The Storm Lake school board has approved on first reading a policy for naming facilities.

In October, Storm Lake graduate Scott Randall asked the board to consider naming the football field after former coach and guidance counselor, John Swanson, who passed away last year. The board instead decided to draft a policy to cover such requests, which was reviewed by the board this week.

Board member David Skibsted said he’s concerned with naming something after an individual is “leaving others out.” Skibsted said that while it’s great to have others make naming requests, he feels that it’s the board’s job to ask about naming a facility if they so desire.

The policy calls for the naming of a committee who would consider such requests… and says major facilities such as athletic complexes would be eligible to be named. The policy states each name shall be known to and significant to the people of the district.

Superintendent Carl Turner said anyone could make a request to the superintendent… who would then take it to the school board. The policy also covers memorials… with permanent memorials for deceased students or staff limited to perpetual awards, scholarships, or other items approved by the school board.