1/20/15 Lake Study Approved

The Lake Improvement Commission has approved hiring an engineering firm to conduct a study on further improvements to Storm Lake.
City manager Jim Patrick Monday afternoon told the commission Fyra Engineering of Omaha will begin work soon.  The study will include strategies for reducing sediment in the lake along with feasibility of using dredge material for island construction.

Patrick says Fyra will take the results from the recently-completed Iowa State study of the lake, and develop a strategic plan to further clean up the lake.  Commission chair Gary Lalone says dredging will probably continue for two or three more years.  He said the dredging has made great in-roads in getting good clarity, and the study will show what else can be  done.
DNR environmental specialist Julie Sievers says more islands on the lake is only an option… and the DNR is now working on stabilization of the existing islands.  She said now is the best time for Fyra to begin work… as it’s easier to take sediment samples while there is ice on the lake than it is from a boat.
The final report including a cost benefit analysis is expected in September.  The contract is for 250-thousand dollars, which will re reimbursed by the DNR.